Friday, May 22, 2009


Well, today was definitely just a blah day. I took the day off from exercise to just take care of household So, I started out just cleaning closets, making phone call, mopping, washing,etc. You know just the same stuff I do in my uneventful life now. I got a phone call from back home regarding an old friend who recently passed. They thought it was a Hrt attck but, now the word is she was positive for the swine flu. What the shuck??? I don't know if it if absolutely true. Remember this is word of mouth. I thought of her so much. I've been looking at old photo's since I found out. The messed up part is she had no life insurance. Man, that prompted me to call the bank and check up on my family's policy. I think that I may increase it. She had 3 children. We hadn't been close in the last yrs because our lives took such different paths. She became such a different person from the person that I knew when we were younger. You never know what life is going to bring you or what path it may lead you down.THANK YOU LORD FOR BLESSING ME AND MY FAMILY.

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