Friday, July 10, 2009

Pre-Teen/Tween/Evil Incarnate/Grouch/Drama Queen/Or Whatever You Want To Call Them!!!

O.K. I have an 11 yr old girl. She has already started her "monthly" and boy does it show. I mean, yeah, I remember being that age and going through changes, but are you serious? Is it me or have little girls become meaner? She can be so negative. Being patient has taken it's toll on me. I am almost all prayed out. Sometimes I look at her and she looks like the exorcist. I mean I have done everything short of going to church and asking for a special praying session for her. And trust me sometime I look at her and I swear I have seen her head spin around once or twice. She is never happy. She complains about everything. I am so sick of hearing groans and grunts everytime I tell her to do something that is her responsibility anyway.
I swear the next time I have to listen to one of her gripes I am just going to put my hand to her face and say "Talk to the hand" or better yet "WHATEVA!!!!!!"

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