Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Its a shame, I told my kids they couldnt have a evening snack because its not healthy to eat so late. Im hungry THough.
Time for a snack.

Family Reunion

Saturday, 07/24/09 marked my families 30th or 31st or maybe 33rd, well you get the idea. We have been having the damn thing for many years now. Anyhow, we arrive in the country after driving for about 4 hrs and last meal being about 6 hrs before, so we were plenty hungry, ready to eat. So, I, the fat, pretty niece,cousin get out to say hello to all the family whom I haven't seen for awhile. One of the first comments I receive is "I didn't know who that was at first, getting out that car with all that behind!" What?? Is that all I have to hear time after time. Who gives a fuck? And I wanted to say,"I can get skinny but you can't get pretty." But, with everything in me, I held it in. Why do family feel like they can say any damn thing to you? My uncle told me about 2 1/2 years ago. "the same thing that got him is what you gotta keep him with." Like you need to lose weight so you can keep your husband. Please. Fuck you. And whats your excuses for marrying a woman that looks exactly like a horse? I wonder how would they feel if I pointed out all their many discrepancies. Anyway, like the graceful, classy woman that I am-I moved on. I took all the jokes and sarcasm like the big girl that I am. Yet, unconsciously, I sat in the back row of the tables and I didn't eat much. But, I took some hefty ass plates back to the hotel with me!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I can't get my thoughts together.....

I started this blog to express myself regarding the 1 thing that seems to occupy my time the fat ass. I didn't want to really keep discussing it with people over the phone or when i run into them at the grocery store. You know..."hey girl! How are you?" And I will respond, "girl, fine.Just keep gaining weight." I guess I felt like it was the elephant in the room (no pun intended). So, I wanted to express myself here. I used to keep a diary, but with kids quiet time is sleep time. When a friend told me how she keep up with others on the internet I started a myspace. BIG MISTAKE! Myspace is a place for hookups. So with the intent on just looking at a friends pics on her family blog..I started one and thought it was great. The only thing is that I can't find the damn time to blog and express myself like I want to. I know no one will read this because I was never one of the popular girls but, when I sit down I can't type what I want to express. Besides the fact that I'm no damn typist, I just can't get my thoughts together. With my busy life as a mother and wife I can't get a lick of time to myself. I always have shit to do. Oh, and I am also been trying to quit cursing since 01/2009, or maybe longer. What the hell man!!!! All damn day I thought about being fat and if I lose the weight my skin will hang and I will look like one of those sorta skinny girls who definitely used to be fat. What's the use, right. May as well stay a fat bitch!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pre-Teen/Tween/Evil Incarnate/Grouch/Drama Queen/Or Whatever You Want To Call Them!!!

O.K. I have an 11 yr old girl. She has already started her "monthly" and boy does it show. I mean, yeah, I remember being that age and going through changes, but are you serious? Is it me or have little girls become meaner? She can be so negative. Being patient has taken it's toll on me. I am almost all prayed out. Sometimes I look at her and she looks like the exorcist. I mean I have done everything short of going to church and asking for a special praying session for her. And trust me sometime I look at her and I swear I have seen her head spin around once or twice. She is never happy. She complains about everything. I am so sick of hearing groans and grunts everytime I tell her to do something that is her responsibility anyway.
I swear the next time I have to listen to one of her gripes I am just going to put my hand to her face and say "Talk to the hand" or better yet "WHATEVA!!!!!!"

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