Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family Reunion

Saturday, 07/24/09 marked my families 30th or 31st or maybe 33rd, well you get the idea. We have been having the damn thing for many years now. Anyhow, we arrive in the country after driving for about 4 hrs and last meal being about 6 hrs before, so we were plenty hungry, ready to eat. So, I, the fat, pretty niece,cousin get out to say hello to all the family whom I haven't seen for awhile. One of the first comments I receive is "I didn't know who that was at first, getting out that car with all that behind!" What?? Is that all I have to hear time after time. Who gives a fuck? And I wanted to say,"I can get skinny but you can't get pretty." But, with everything in me, I held it in. Why do family feel like they can say any damn thing to you? My uncle told me about 2 1/2 years ago. "the same thing that got him is what you gotta keep him with." Like you need to lose weight so you can keep your husband. Please. Fuck you. And whats your excuses for marrying a woman that looks exactly like a horse? I wonder how would they feel if I pointed out all their many discrepancies. Anyway, like the graceful, classy woman that I am-I moved on. I took all the jokes and sarcasm like the big girl that I am. Yet, unconsciously, I sat in the back row of the tables and I didn't eat much. But, I took some hefty ass plates back to the hotel with me!!!!

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